Haridasan Pillai

Project Director

Haridasan Pillai: Navigating Financial Frontiers with Expertise and Vision

In the intricate landscape of financial leadership, Haridasan Pillai emerges as a resolute Chief Financial Officer, exuding a profound understanding of both fiscal intricacies and operational dynamics. His discerning decisions, coupled with technological savvy, are emblematic of a seasoned leader who adeptly navigates the ebbs and flows of market conditions. A visionary at heart, Mr. Pillai is wholeheartedly dedicated to steering companies toward their missions while catalyzing expansive growth. With an innate flair for conquering complex financial challenges, he dons the role of a true financial maestro.

Driving Global Impact through Financial Mastery:

Haridasan Pillai’s esteemed tenure since 2014 as Chief Financial Officer at One Point Group speaks volumes about his mastery in orchestrating financial symphonies across continents. One Point Group is a conglomerate of companies delivering Home Healthcare Services across Dallas-USA, Dubai-UAE, and India. Under Mr. Pillai’s guidance, the group propels towards its altruistic mission of providing vital Healthcare Services at Home, skillfully maneuvering through the intricacies of global finance.

Founding Pillai CPA LLC:

Beyond this pivotal role, Haridasan Pillai bears the mantle of Founder and Managing Partner at Pillai CPA LLC, an esteemed accounting firm founded two decades ago in Dallas, Texas-USA. Boasting a formidable roster of over 3000 clients, the firm stands as a testament to Mr. Pillai’s unwavering commitment. With precision, Pillai CPA LLC offers tax preparation and accounting write-up services, fortifying its clients with financial resilience.

Mastermind of Real Estate Ventures:

Mr. Pillai’s acumen extends further as the astute Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer of a distinguished Real Estate Holding Company. This realm sees him masterminding the development of multi-family apartments, single-family homes, and commercial edifices. His strategic prowess and financial stewardship seamlessly intertwine, paving the way for resounding success in real estate endeavors.

A Leader of People and Processes:

Among the hallmarks of his journey is the deft orchestration of a 32-member staff, a testament to his leadership prowess. In his role at One Point Group of Companies, he meticulously oversees budgets, payroll, and accounts payable and receivable. Moreover, he shapes the financial landscape through adept budget development, the establishment of budgetary controls, investment management, and the preparation of precise financial statements at the close of each quarter.

An Accomplished Academic and Certified Expert:

Haridasan Pillai’s story is underpinned by a solid educational foundation and professional accreditation. His academic pursuits culminated in a Master of Science degree in Accounting from the distinguished University of Houston – Clear Lake in May 1990. Furthermore, he is a Certified Public Accountant, a testament to his commitment to professional excellence and adherence to industry standards.

Zsolt Szalai

Managing Director

Meet Zsolt SZALAI, a seasoned professional with an illustrious career in financial, treasury, and controlling roles across various sectors. With a strong foundation in banking, transportation, real estate, logistics, and passenger transport, Zsolt’s expertise extends to fostering business growth and enhancing financial outcomes.

As the Managing Director of Platinum Investments and Real Estate Ltd., Zsolt’s leadership is marked by nearly two decades of experience in diverse management positions. His strategic acumen and dedication have contributed to the success of numerous projects, both in Hungary and abroad. Fluent in English and adept in IT applications, including SAP and BI systems, Zsolt SZALAI is a driving force behind creating lasting financial and business impacts.

His passion for excellence, coupled with his visionary approach, reflects in his commitment to building meaningful relationships and driving positive change in the industry. Zsolt SZALAI stands as a beacon of financial expertise, guiding Platinum Global Groups towards new heights of achievement.

Work Experience:

  • Head of Resource Management and Investment Controlling, MÁV Ltd.
  • Financial Director of Region Budapest, MÁV Ltd.
  • Financial Director, MÁV-START Ltd.
  • Financial Director, GYSEV CARGO Ltd.
  • Senior Treasury Co-worker, Sopron Bank Burgenland Ltd.
  • Financial Controller, GySEV Ltd.


  • MA. – EU Project Manager FH-Burgenland, Eisenstaedt, Austria
  • Dip. Economist, Faculty of Economics, University of West Hungary, Sopron
  • Dip. Economist, Logistics major, Széchenyi István University, Győr
  • Final Examination in secondary school, Eötvös József Evangelist Secondary School, Sopron

Computer and Other Skills:

  • Certified public accountant
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications
  • Oracle Discover
  • SAP CO, PM, MM, SD, FI, PS, IM modules


  • Driving license “B” category, 1997
  • Securities law exam
  • Financial controlling academy (IFUA)

I bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record to every role I undertake. With proficiency in financial management, project leadership, and strategic planning, I am poised to make a valuable contribution to your organization.

Zsolt SZALAI’s journey stands as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of financial expertise, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment. His dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community enrichment continues to shape Platinum Global Groups’ trajectory towards excellence.

Shibu Joseph

Design Architect

Shibu Joseph: A Multifaceted Leader Transforming Industries

Discover the extraordinary journey of Shibu Joseph, an accomplished professional whose leadership extends across diverse sectors, from healthcare and interior design to construction and ministry. Shibu’s remarkable career is a testament to his unwavering commitment, strategic prowess, and transformative impact.

A Visionary Leader with a Compassionate Heart:

Shibu Joseph’s legacy is characterized by his dedication to making a difference. As the Co-Founder and Director of Dignity Team Health, LLC, located in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Shibu spearheads the operations of Hospice Home Health and Private Care Services. His visionary approach has propelled Dignity Team Health to the forefront of compassionate, high-quality patient care, enhancing the lives of patients and their families.

Diverse Expertise and Strategic Acumen:

Shibu’s journey extends beyond healthcare. His extensive background includes roles in interior design, construction, and ministry. Before venturing into healthcare, Shibu held positions such as Project Manager and Public Relations Manager at GEMACO Interiors Dubai, UAE, contributing to the success of a Denmark-based interior designing company with a global reach.

A Beacon of Philanthropy:

Shibu Joseph’s dedication to philanthropy is evident through his role as the Founder of Patmos International Christian Ministries, Inc. Established in 2005, this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serves communities in India, Myanmar, and Nepal. From children’s homes to schools, churches, computer centers, and food and medical programs, Shibu’s heart for service touches lives across nations.

Leadership Beyond Borders:

Shibu’s strategic influence extends to healthcare establishments in India and the UAE. He serves on the Board of Directors and provides advisory support for strategies, marketing, and sales at healthcare institutions such as One Point Chris American Hospital Bangalore, Chris One Point Home Health Care in Dubai, and Al Hudaibha General Medical Center in Ras Al Khaimah.

Educational and Spiritual Pursuits:

Shibu Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is a member of The Institution of Engineers India-Chartered Division. He is also armed with a Bachelor of Religious Arts in Theology and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from The Clarion School of Ministry. Shibu’s spiritual journey includes being an Ordained Minister of Christ for the Nations, Inc. and the Pentecostal Church of God.

Saji Joseph

Accounting Manager

Saji Joseph: Guiding Financial Excellence as Accounting Manager

Meet Saji Joseph, our esteemed Accounting Manager, whose extensive financial expertise and leadership acumen contribute significantly to Platinum Global Groups’ financial stability and success. With an MBA background and a passion for financial management, Saji ensures our financial operations remain seamless and efficient.

About Saji Joseph:

Saji holds an MBA degree, bringing a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and strategies to his role. His dedication to maintaining accurate financial records, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring compliance underscores his commitment to excellence.

Expertise and Contributions:

Saji’s proficiency in financial management is a cornerstone of our operations. He leads a skilled team of accounting professionals, overseeing financial transactions, budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. His strategic insights help drive informed decision-making across the organization.

Strategic Financial Leadership:

With an astute financial mind, Saji aligns our financial strategies with our overarching business goals. His ability to analyze financial data empowers us to make informed choices that drive growth, maximize returns, and sustain our commitment to transparency and integrity.

Meticulous Approach:

Saji’s meticulous approach ensures accuracy and compliance in our financial operations. His attention to detail minimizes errors and discrepancies, fostering confidence among stakeholders and facilitating smooth audits.

Driving Efficiency:

As Accounting Manager, Saji consistently seeks ways to enhance financial processes and systems, streamlining operations and optimizing resource utilization. His efforts contribute to our ability to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that our projects are executed on time and within budget.

Saji Joseph’s leadership and expertise play a critical role in maintaining Platinum Global Groups’ financial health and enabling us to pursue our vision with confidence. His dedication to precision, his strategic financial insights, and his commitment to continuous improvement make him an integral part of our team. Under Saji’s guidance, we navigate the financial landscape with precision and poise, ensuring that our investment opportunities thrive.