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At Platinum Global Groups, we are more than just developers; we are visionaries, pioneers, and creators of exceptional living spaces that redefine modern luxury. Our dedication to crafting remarkable environments that seamlessly blend innovation, sustainability, and opulence sets us apart in the realm of real estate.


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Discover the pinnacle of modern luxury and innovation with Platinum Global Groups. Explore our visionary projects that redefine real estate while offering unparalleled investment opportunities. Together, let’s shape a world where architecture, sustainability, and opulence converge. Experience the future of living – start your journey today.


Our Specialization

At Platinum Global Groups, we redefine what’s possible in the world of real estate, one project at a time. Our diverse portfolio, visionary leadership, and dedication to excellence set us apart in the industry. Join us on this journey of innovation, sustainability, and transformation.

Global Venture Capital Fund

Fueling Future Innovations in Real Estate.

Preserving Heritage, Pioneering Revival

estoring Legacy with Modern Brilliance.

Healthcare and Education

Nurturing Lives, Enriching Minds for a Better Tomorrow.

Transforming Land to Luxury

Crafting Opulence from Raw Potential.

Investor Empowerment, Global Reach

Bridging Continents for Investment Success.

Innovating with CLT Technology

Sustainable Construction, Building a Greener Future.

What Our Clients Say

We put people first and engage with honesty, empathy and respect

"Witnessing the transformation of raw land into luxurious villas and apartments by Platinum Global Group is awe-inspiring. They truly bring harmony between nature and luxury."
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
"Platinum Global Group's restoration and renovation of old buildings into modern complexes is remarkable. Their attention to detail and commitment to preserving heritage is commendable."
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
"Experiencing the tranquility and luxury of Bukksek Resort Home is truly rejuvenating. Platinum Global Group's attention to creating a restful retreat is evident in every detail."

Our Current Projects

At Platinum Global Groups, we are actively shaping the future of real estate through our ongoing projects. Each endeavor reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating spaces that inspire and elevate. Explore our current projects that stand as a testament to our vision and expertise.

Bukksek Resort Home in Hungary:


Town Home Project in Dallas, Texas, USA


215 Unit Apartment Project in Dallas, TX, USA


Advancing Healthcare Hospital In Bangalore


Luxury Hotel and Villa Project in Guruvayur, Kerala, India


Immersed in Kerala's Serenity - Hotel and Villa Project, Guruvayur


Meet Our Expert Team

At Platinum Groups, our journey towards excellence is guided by a team of exceptional individuals who are the driving force behind our success. With a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and transformation, our team brings together diverse expertise to shape the future of real estate.

Haridasan Pillai

Project Director

Zsolt Szalai

Managing Director

Shibu Joseph

Design Architect

Saji Joseph

Accounting Manager

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